Top 10 Tips For Effective Internet Marketing Websites

What constitutes an effective website can mean different things in different businesses and at different times. The tips I’m presenting here are for effective internet marketing websites.

An internet marketing website means a website optimized for the website owner to sell his/her products or services either from the website directly or from a brick-and-mortar location after people learn from the website about the brick-and-mortar location.

Compiling a list of top 10 tips for effective websites even by this internet marketing definition is still subjective. Although I’ve just made this list, if I were to make a new list next week, some item might be replaced by another item.

Thus take this list as a starting point against which to check your own website:

1. If you’re selling something on your site (such as a book), make the “buy this now” option immediately apparent. (Don’t hide this at the very bottom of an interior page.)

2. Have an email opt-in box with an “irresistible” free offer (preferably NOT a newsletter because we all have so much to read) to capture email addresses for follow-up email marketing.

3. Do not have a photo of your store or office building on your Web site’s home page.

4. Do have a photo of yourself and/or your staff on your site.

5. Do not have a photo of a sunset or something similar on your home page that has nothing to do with your brand, book or business. (Not even if it is a beautiful sunset.)

6. Do not use large blocks of white text on a dark background – way too hard to read.

7. Do use a font size large enough for older people to read.

8. Do not waste the most valuable “real estate” on your home page with a Welcome message.

9. Do let people know the second they land on your home page what’s in the site for them.

10. Do have valuable free information on the site to share with your site visitors.

What’s the bottom line about effective internet marketing websites? You want to make it as easy as possible for people to engage with your site – which means engaging with you. (This is why, for example, no to a photo of a building but yes to a photo of you.)

If you consider your website from the point of view of a stranger meeting you for the first time, you’ll be on the right path for having an effective internet marketing website.