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Dental Internet Marketing Website – A Solution to Increased Profits

A dental Internet marketing website is no longer an option, but a necessity if you want to stay competitive, maximize your exposure, and increase profits. The Internet has affected many aspects of our lives from the way we communicate to the way we shop. It’s also changed the way consumers find solutions to their problems.

Statistics show that 92% of people surveyed agree that the Internet is a great place to find everyday information. Other revealing facts found that 82% of all Internet traffic starts at a search engine & 54% of Americans have traded in their yellow pages for the Internet.

The days of opening your local phone book and flipping to the yellow pages to choose a dentist are fading into the past. The consumer’s fingers are no longer doing the walking, but doing the typing at one of the major search engine portals. The question then is whether or not they are able to find your practice online? Do you even have a website advertising your dental services 24/7, 365 days a year?

Having a website is one of the most affordable dental marketing solutions available. Many professionals have already established their web presence or plan to in the near future. The question isn’t really about having a website, but is your website working for you? Can the consumer find you online when searching for a solution to their dental problem?

The key to having a successful dental Internet marketing website is the ability of your target market to find you online. Three major ways your practice can be found online are through:

1. Keywords

Typically a person will type in a keyword at a search engine portal looking for information on their problem and then filter through the results. For instance a consumer looking for a local dentist may use the keywords, “palm beach dentist.” The question you need to ask yourself from a marketing perspective is:

“Can my target market find my website through keywords?”

Try it for yourself. Evaluate your website by going to a search engine and typing in some keywords related to your practice.

Where is your site coming up in the results? If it’s not coming up on the first page you’re missing out on increased profits.

2. Business or Personal Name Search

This is a search for your practice using your business or personal name. It doesn’t generate the kind of traffic that keywords do, but it’s something to consider when evaluating your online marketing efforts & your website’s effectiveness.

3. Links from other Sites

These are links that are established on other sites like portals, directories, chamber of commerce, etc. Think of them as referrals. A person may go to a local chamber of commerce website and look for a dental provider. If you’re a member with a listing then you may get a customer to click through to your site.

Another way to get links from other sites is through press releases or articles that contain links to your site.

Again, the question needs to be asked, “Can potential customers find your website?” A dental Internet marketing website doesn’t do your practice any good if it’s just floating around on the World Wide Web unable to be found by your target market.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Your Internet Business Website Ranking

No doubt, having a high search engine ranking is very important to a home business owner as it will increase their business revenue. Much money have been spend on search engine optimization software, books, ebook and SEO services in order to obtain a high ranking website.

The goal of every webmaster for their website is to obtain the HIGHEST ranking available in google. However, the algorithm
of Google kept changing and it is not an easy task to reach that status.

There are many OPEN secrets on how you can obtain a high ranking in the world largest search engine “google”.

The top open secret is to obtain reciprocal links by exchanging link with other website or one way back linking via article
writing, forum posting or even blogging. So if every webmaster have done that, then wouldn’t all of them obtain a high ranking.

As the largest search engine, Google wouldn’t be that dumb to just obtain the results just because a website has many thousands
of links pointing to it. What usually happened is that if the knowledge is available to many of the webmaster, Google engineers
would know the strategy that millions of webmaster are applying.

It will then lower the points given to linking and create new linking criteria such as:

- the number of relevant links pointing to the website

- the number of irrelevant links pointing to the website

- the number of relevant outgoing links pointing to other website

- the rank of the back linking website

- the anchor text used during the linking etc.

As you can see, a high ranking strategy is a never ending ball game. The search engine criteria results will always be changing
and it will always remain an Internal Top Secrets for the Search Engine Companies. However, what Google and other search
engine wants to achieve is that no one can or should be able to manipulate their search results. The end users of the search
engine will be to obtain nothing but RELEVANT results that they are searching for.

All this is not that bad because it give new webmaster and their website a chance in the Google search engine. As long as your
website contents are fresh, unique and relevant, it will stand a great chance of begin display in the Google search engine results. Google employed many smart software engineers and any loop holes which webmaster tried to exploit now will eventually be cover up. Many webmasters have learn the hard way after their website are penalized for trying to exploit some of the search engine weakness.

Therefore, do what you can to make your website search engine friendly but don’t focus too much on your search engine
ranking. There are also other useful Internet Advertising method such as PPC Search Engine Advertising, Forum Posting,
Blogging etc.

Wishing you success in advertising your Internet Business Website.

By © Arthur, The Online Internet Home Business Opportunity

Advantages of an Internet Marketing Website

Marketing does cost a lot especially if a lot of resources have been invested in the marketing strategy. Internet marketing via website otherwise known as an internet marketing website does not require a lot of funds. The reason why costs are less in online marketing is because there are no expenses for stuff like transport courses for marketing a good or a product, the only area of concern in online marketing is the cost of putting up the cost and hiring a search engine marketing company to make sure that it is highly ranked. There is even no need of thinking about budgeting for billboard, television and newspaper marketing.

An internet marketing website can be linked in to very popular sites that will make it entirely visible. The visibility of a website is the main area of concern when it comes to marketing via an internet website. Reason why this linking is done is because there is a lot of traffic in social network blogs and having a website linked to such a site will give it higher chances of being accessed. A stable and effective search engine marketing company has the knowledge and experience of linking up these websites together for purposes.

Almost all target market groups are reached to by online marketing websites. A business website will attract a lot of investors and even fellow business people. Social networks and shopping sites will attract the youth and even adults. So an online marketing website can be created in such a manner that it can reach peoples of all age brackets. This erases the need of having to create different websites for different target groups. A single site can be put up and it would still serve everyone who visits it especially if they have one common product or service that gives them a common goal. A search engine internet marketing company can help set such a website up.

Since a lot of consumers are always on the internet because of the rapid rate of technology change, then an internet marketing website is more accessible to them. Internet campaigns are manageable and trying out an internet marketing strategy will only require an ad server. A search engine marketing company will set up the server and monitor the web activity and thereafter determine if the strategy is working or not. With online marketing, the vital part is to make sure that the website gets highly ranked. When this happens, then the website will be visible.